Dave's Been playing Guitar since 1976. He's been in many bands over the last 30 odd years. He is enjoying
playing and singing the music he loves"SOUTHERN ROCK". He has been in the following bands,
The Sundown Band of NJ a project he started in 1979. Then a member of Hawkins,then Whiskey with
John DeMaio, Jessie Blue, Hunters Gold, Sundown reformed for another round. Threshold, MadDog 20/20,
Maddogs , then Dave took a day job and was busy a while. Then he got a phone call from Big Southern
signed on there for two years. when that ran outta gas. He regrouped and formed the first version of
Southern Steel which helped Dave fulfill a life long dream to open for his favorite band "THE OUTLAWS",
some personnel changes came about and the Southern Steel Band became what it is today Bigger, Bolder
and Better than it ever has been. Dave's made it his misssion to lead Southern Steel to new and greater heights.
Who knows what the future holds but he's having a hell of a good time doing what he loves. Dave plays
Gibson Les Pauls, Fender Strats and Tele's , and Taylor 614CE's and uses Mesa Boogie amps exclusively.
Dave Sorber- Lead Guitar/Slide Guitar & Vocals
Ray Jandura- Bass Guitar & Vocals
Ray – Has been playing the Bass Guitar since he was sixteen. Though his main love is classic rock music
 (with a special place in his heart for all things southern) , the fact that Ray can read music as well has given
 him the opportunity to also play in numerous diverse ensembles over the years from classical to jazz to
multiple pit orchestras for theatrical productions. In the early nineties, he was the bassist for the original rock
 band ROMEO ZULU who were a regular fixture at the Bitter End and Kenny’s Castaways in Greenwich Village.
 They also provided the soundtrack music for the independent film “The Wake” which premiered at the
Tribeca Film Center in NYC. In the late nineties he founded the classic rock cover band PARTY SHARK,
 playing bass and splitting the lead singer / front man, duties which spent the better part of 7 years playing
all over the tri-state area. After they imploded he took a break for a few years consciously looking for the right
group of guys, with the right mind set and work ethic…….enter Southern Steel. It’s a great pleasure to be
playing with such high caliber of musicians that also happen to be a bunch of great guys on top of it, and he
looks forward to a long and happy road ahead with his new southern brothers.
Tom Tibaldi- Keyboards & Guitar
Tom has been playing since High School and enjoyed performing in the 70s and 80s. His major influences are in the Southern Rock genre but he also enjoys listening to favorites like Jackson Browne and The Eagles. After a long break, Tom’s desire to perform brought him to his recent venture playing with Been There Done That and prior guest performances with Phat Back Groove. Southern Steel combines Tom’s desire to perform and play the music he loves. His choices of instruments are: Roland RD-300SX, Yamaha CP-300 & P-120 stage pianos. He completes his dynamic sound with a Korg CX-3 combo organ.
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Tommy Kelly- Vocals/Percussion
Tommy Kelly Aka , T.K. started singing in Chicago at the age of seven. his grandmother would get him up to sing at all family events. He joined a band in high school called Angels Dusk, since then he has played with various groups such as Blind ambition, Large Music,the Knuckleheads, Vindic8tor, Take Cover, and Black Night.His charm swagger, and unmistakable bluesy balls to the walls voice makes him a standout from the rest.
Drummer- Gary Roberts
52 years old... Been playing music since 3 and was actually in a band at 4...Started with Tamborine and bongos playing CCR and Stones with my cousins band who were 9 years old..Played bass guitar from about 8 years old till about 17... Started playing drums around 15... left the music scene for a while in my 20s due to life situations. Picked it back up in my mid 30s. Into many styles of music with southern rock and classic rock being my fav... Music from 70's & 80's being my favorites.. I use Sonor Drums and Zildjian Cymbals...